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The Wave Food Program began before the pandemic with the idea that every business and every person can make a meaningful effort to promote sustainability in agriculture and the food industry, and to ensure safe and fair working conditions, and careful stewardship of ecosystems.

The impacts that COVID-19 has had on our partners, our food systems and our communities have only emboldened our resolve that the ideals we began with, in a regional community food system, are the path forward. Our food program looks differently than it did pre-pandemic, and that's the way it should be. We learned where our system fails and have found a way to shift to more equitable and resilient regional food systems. 

Kids in Vegetable Farm

The Wave Food Program increases local food recovery, gets people back to work, feeds the food insecure, and shifts to more resilient community food systems.

The program is inclusive of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, from sourcing, to access to healthy and sustainable food.

Help Us Help Others


Our current drive is to raise $150,000 to support crisis response efforts focused on Tribal Nation and BIPOC communities, as well as first responders. These communities have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, economic relief efforts, and water issues. We can reach many of these communities that other programs deem too remote. 

See How We're Creating Change

In 2020, The Wave Foundation  Food Program shifted to address the immediate food insecurity needs that have increased as a result of the pandemic. We provide healthy and sustainable food options while creating a more resilient and regional food system that can support additional economic marketplaces for the Tribal Nation communities and fishers as the pandemic and its limitations dissipate. 

The Wave Foundation partners with experts all along the food system to ensure healthy and sustainable food gets to people who need it. 

Food & Help
Where It's Needed 

As abundant as healthy and sustainable food might be in one area, another area is void. We utilize our food truck network via a partnership with Food Fleet to reach food desert communities and areas in crisis.

The local restaurants and public venues in cities across the nation have been hard-hit by the pandemic - an estimated 80% of restaurants could close. The survival of restaurants is instrumental to the vitality of our Main Streets and to keep our food systems viable. We use expertise, prepping, and other food service from these venues as much as we can.

Where and who
we serve

We began in the Pacific Northwest, but we don't stop at our regional boundaries. Our food program can serve in any city or town in the US and procure from that region. We use Tribal event and community centers, public venues, and other landmarks as our hubs for processing and distribution. We ask ourselves, "who is left behind?" in who we seek to serve. Too often, that means our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.

Farms, fishers, ranchers, co-ops

The Wave sources from regional farms, fisheries, ranches, and other agricultural businesses, no matter where we serve. We are dedicated to paying fairly to keep farmers harvesting, fish-harvesters on the water and waterfronts working and healthy, ranchers raising healthy livestock and other agricultural businesses economically viable.

The Wave benefits from a partnership with both Alaskans Own and Catch Together to procure clean and sustainable fish and support its workforce, whose customer base largely disappeared with the closure of restaurants.

Nutritionally balanced & culturally relevant

The Wave food boxes provide healthy, nutritious, regional food to the community. The boxes include produce, grains, seafood, and other proteins in nutritionally balanced proportions with respect to cultural relevance. We include recipes from local chefs so already stressed households will find making a chef-inspired meal as easy as making a hamburger.

The people behind the progam 

Our Food Program Team is packed with innovators, doers, and changemakers from the source to the distribution. They're driven to create resilient food systems and take care of those left behind. 

Recipes and
cooking videos

Check back often for recipes, tips, and how-to videos from chefs, restaurants, and those who harvest the food. 
We also share stories about the hardworking people and families who have made it their livelihood to put food on nation's tables.

Food distribution events

Food distribution events can happen at a moment's notice and could be on a weekday or a weekend. Our offerings change per event, but always include healthy and sustainable food.


The cause is just. The need is great.

The time is now. 

The Wave Foundation is an Oregon domestic nonprofit in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status.


Interested in supporting our food box program or being a part of our coalition? Need some support in our five program areas? Just want more information?


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